Find the 5 most beautiful tours of Fuerteventura

Endless beaches, turquoise lagoons, breathtaking volcanoes - Fuerteventura is a great holiday destination for the whole family. With its mystical moon panorama, Fuerteventura is unique and offers fantastic hidden gems. From an eerie volcano crater or a hidden small water oasis, over dreamy secluded beaches to local ecological farms – everything is there. Highlights waiting to be discovered! We would like to introduce you our 5 favorite highlights in Fuerteventura, which we have found during our last vacation.

5th Place: Hike through the volcanic landscape of Fuerteventura

The volcanic landscape on Fuerteventura invites you to a nice hike. The endless gilded sand dunes, the huge rocks, the fantastic panorama from the volcanoes over the island and the sea is a delight.

Through the former active volcanoes you can see, for example at the volcano La Gavria, the landscape formed by the huge lava flows. Close to the volcano the golden sand slowly changes to black stones and boulders. The panorama and the perception changes. Due to the fertile soil, the areas close to an in the volcanoes were actively used for farming.

If you are looking for a small guided hike, you will find it here. During the tour „reat volcanic landscapes and rare wine"“ Kristina leads you along the volcano La Gavria and last but not least you will visit a local finca for wine tasting.

5th place: volcanic landscape of Fuerteventura

4th Place: A hike to the water oasis in the heart of Fuerteventura

Sun, volcanoes and everywhere sand dunes. Sand and more sand, Fuerteventura seems to be a sort of desert at first sight. And yet there is a small water oasis in the middle of the island.

The small water oasis at the "Peñitas dam" is accessible from two sides. We recommend the more strenuous ascent to the water oasis. By car, take the direction Mezquez, after Mezquez take the exit to the FV-627 and follow the "Camino Pajara" until the end. From there you can see the beginning of a canyon and park nearby.

The water oasis and the canyon are a small nature reserve. Everywhere you can find cacti and wild native plants growing. The one or other wild animal like a goat will accompany you during your hike. The small hiking trail is not perfectly signposted, but with a practiced eye you will find the path and slowly climb up the canyon. Far above you can see the small church "Ermita de Nuestra Senora de la Pena". The trail goes directly past this small highlight. You do not need to hike cross-country off the path or climb.

From the small church you have a great view over the canyon and up to the sea. A few meters further you will reach the small water oasis. The contrast between the sandy, rocky panorama and the small water oasis with the many green plants is fantastic. The ascent takes about 1 hour in total, thus we recommend you to take some water with you and use sun screen. The stone formation "Arco De Las Peñitas" is a little bit further north, recommended for everyone who wants to go even higher.

3rd Place: Visit of local farmers for sustainable tourism

Fresh canary tomatoes, wild edible cacti, olives, lemons, goat cheese and many other organic products. Despite the volcanic landscape and the endless sand dunes, there are small farms on Fuerteventura that operate sustainable organic farming. These fincas, so inconspicuously hidden in the landscape, impressed us enormously with their wide variety of organic food.

The local farmers we met were all full with dedication, conviction and kindness. Each farmer had built his finca and his small and fine agricultural lands with lots love over the past years. Every life story, every finca, every agricultural area is unique and special. They are small and impressive masterpieces from the farmers.

One of our favorite farmers had cultivated a variety of different cacti, for example the cactus Tuno Indio. Right at the beginning of the visit, he showed us how he harvests the fruits of the cacti which requires much manual work. The fruit is then processed into beverages and jams. Once a month, he goes to the local markets with the fruits of his work.

In the middle of nowhere we found the next finca from the Francisco. Suddenly there were small olive and lemon trees. We could enjoy the shade of these natural trees, which is very rare on Fuerteventura. Protected from the wind and the sun through the small trees, Francisco had planted a variety of fruits and vegetables on his fields.

One of the more famous ecological products of Fuerteventura is the goat cheese. The wild and resistant goats can endure the rich sunny days of Fuerteventura.

A visit to the local fincas is definitely recommendable. The rural world is a nice change from the nice beach and pool stay on Fuerteventura.

Here you can find a finca tour with Kristina: "Tapas experience with visit of traditional farms"

2nd Place: The secret beaches of Fuerteventura

Endless beaches! Fuerteventura, with its 98 kilometers of length and 28 kilometers of width, invites you to the beach every day. We have been looking for and have discovered fantastic and secluded beaches on Fuerteventura.

The classic is Cofete in the south of Fuerteventura. If you are heading towards Morro Jable and further south, you can drive over the mountain crest to Cofete. The view from the top of the mountain to the wild south-west of Fuerteventura is fantastic and the trip alone is worth it. In the "valley", you will find small, great beaches right in front of your feet!

Not easy to reach but the beaches, cliffs and views in the west between Puertito de los Molinos, Tindaya and El Cotilo are incredible. The "Playa Janubio", at the "ruins" of "Gambuesa de Jarugo" is relatively easy to reach from Tindaya and is a wonderful beach. If you are looking for a peaceful place where you can listen to the sound of the sea, you can walk a bit north or south.

1st Place: A sailing trip around Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is known for its steady and strong wind. The perfect prerequisite for a wonderful sailing trip! From the port in Morro Jable, wonderful boat trips start daily into the sea or along the coasts of Fuerteventura. The choices are big - from a pirate boat, giant catamarans to real sailing race yachts, there are offerings for everyone.

We had chosen the "Maxi" sailing race yacht. A real pearl among the sailing ships. Already during the exit from the harbor, some of us were asked to take part and help with the maneuvers. The sails were raised through our muscle strength pulling the hand cranks. Everywhere the ropes flew, the sails stretched, and we sailed towards the north along the coast, a real adventure!

The turns were breathtaking. While crossing the wind, all our muscle power was required. With our own hands we cranked tirelessly and pulled the ropes. The sails were always reoriented, the ship tipped from one side to the other, we jumped to the other side of the boat for weight compensation. The water hissed along the railing. The crew had everything under control and guided us, so we could perfectly support.

We sailed against the wind up to Costa Calma, which involved many maneuvers. There we turned and sailed back with the wind. In the meantime, one some of the guests could enjoy an airy adventure on the bosun’s chair, others took a short bath and enjoyed the sun. The conversations in the small group and with the crew were fantastic.

An active boat trip, a real sailing adventure, in and with nature, on the sea with perfect winds. Here is the link to Maxi-Sailing.