The best kite spots on Fuerteventura

You'll FUerteventura

Endless beaches, turquoise lagoons and steady winds - Fuerteventura is a great place for kiting. The island paradise in front of Africa offers a variety of different kite spots, be it the lagoons, beaches or just the deep sea, the kite community has found its kite playground.

In the north of Fuerteventura there are three nice kite spots:

  • Playa del Aljibe de la Cueva
  • Playa Bajo Negro
  • Deep sea kiting near Correalejo

The view from the "El Cotollio" down to the beach "Playa del Aljibe de la Cueva" is fantastic. An endless beach with only a few kitesurfers. The kite school "Riders Surf'n Bike" can be found directly in the village "El Cotollio", a small quiet kite paradise.

Deep sea kiting in the north of Fuerteventura

The beach "Playa Bajo Negro" in Corralejo is a kind of huge sand dune. When you drive over the highway FV-1 the wind whirls the sand over the road, a small desert adventure in the middle of Fuerteventura. The beach is also one of the most demanding beaches on Fuerteventura and not suitable for beginners (currents, different wind directions, partly rocky).

The city of Correalejo has at least three kite surfing schools "Fuerteventura Kite School", "Flagbeach Watersports Center" and "Redshark Kitesurf School" . The three surfing schools offer deep sea kiting - a very interesting kite experience. You will be brought to the sea with your kite guides, where you can practice water starts, keeping altitude, kiting upwind, jumps and much more. The advantage is that there is enough space and the wind direction does not matter. Kite surfing beginners have the first theory hours on the beach where they learn the steering of the kite and body dragging

Kite spots in the south of Fuerteventura

The south of Fuerteventura with Costa Calma has two kite spots and two kite lagoons:

  • Playa de Esquinzo
  • The lagoon Playa Lagos Fuerteventura
  • Playa de Sotavento
  • Sotavento Kite Lagoon

Costa Calma in the south has some smaller kite schools as well as the two large kite schools Réné Egli and ION south of it. Both schools offer free shuttles to and from Costa Calma.

The kite lagoons of Fuerteventura

At the beach "Playa de Esquinzo" or at the lagoon "Playa Lagos Fuerteventura" you will find the surf and kite school ION Club Fuerteventura. Besides a variety of windsurfing possibilities, you can also learn how to kite directly in the lagoon "Playa Lagos Fuerteventura". For experienced surfers: The lagoon ends directly in the sea, so there is a "long" wave and beautiful jumps are guaranteed. In the high season, the lagoon can be quite full.

The surf school Réné Egli on the beach "Playa de Sotavento" or the lagoon "Sotavento Kite Lagoon" belongs to the veterans in the kite community. For more than 20 years on Fuerteventura, Réné Egli has also been able to conduct several Kite World Championships on Fuerteventura. Surely a must do in your kite life. If you want to learn kiting, improve your abilities, or just look for the origin of the kiting, here is the right place. Réné Egli has its own fantastic lagoon and the beach "Playa de Sotavento". The kite school has several jet skis on the beach, in case you lose your board or kite hopelessly and need a lift.

Kite tips for beginners on Fuerteventura

A little hint for kiting beginners who already have some experience and have their own kite equipment: If the lagoon "Playa Lagos Fuerteventura" at the Réné Egli is not high enough, the smaller lagoon at the ION Club Fuerteventura is a good alternative. Unpack your kite ideally 1.5 hours before the high tide, and wait a bit until the lagoon gets fuller. In both lagoons, it can also make sense to build the kite on the beach between the lagoon and the sea. Approximately 1 hour before until 1 hour after high tide usually many kiters are in the lagoons. It should also be noted that the water in both lagoons is not always very deep (note the lunar phase). Accordingly, you should be careful with your maneuvers!

Fuerteventura is an island paradise with many kite spots and kite experiences. The north with the offshore kite spots and the south with the lagoons. If you want to learn kiting or improve your skills, you will find here on Fuerteventura your beach and your unique experience!