About us

You want to plan your vacation or you are looking for a special experience, activity or tour for your leisure time?

However, from your experience the really typical activities, experiences and tours can often only be found on the spot or with large efforts? In addition, is often necessary to call the providers to find available dates, which is time consuming?

Have you already made these or similar experiences?
Then we will help you. We are here to find the best experiences, activities and tours for you.

Why us? We traveled a lot and still travel a lot – always looking for something special, unique, typical.
Friends often ask us for tips for countries where we live, have lived, or traveled. For this reason, we had the idea to create a website on which we can make unique experiences, activities and tours accessible to everyone. This website is now in front of you. We went live in April 2017 and are always working to improve our website and add further unique experiences, activities and tours for you.

What do you miss on our website?

Let us know, we are happy to receive feedback and recommendations from you.